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EK Archery R-Series bolts

EK Archery R-Series bolts

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Product Description

EK Archery original R-Series bolts, we offer both 7.5'' and 15'' length bolts.
1. Why buy this item?
EK Archery two wanes bolts should work well with UPBOLT magazines
  • long bolt (15'') magazine for Cobra Adder
  • long bolt (15'') magazine for Cobra Siege
  • UNIVERSAL magazine *
It is also compatible with many EK Archery standard crossbow configurations and should be compatible with Go Gun V2 magazine.

* - works with bot bolt sizes (7.5''/15'') and for both crossbow models.

2. Package content:

  • EK Archery Original R-Series - 7.5'' bolts
    (V)D-110A2-10 PCS Pack → SIZE :7.5" /
    Bolt Weight : 155gr(±5) / SCREW-IN POINT / MOON NOCK
  • EK Archery Original R-Series - 15'' bolts
    (V)D-112A-10 PCS Pack → SIZE : 15" /
    Bolt Weight : 260gr(±5) / SCREW-IN POINT / ALUM. INSERT / MOON NOCK


Precaution measures:
All standard precaution rules should be followed using this product, including safety instructions of crossbow, addons for crossbow etc..
Responsibility disclaimer:
Please make sure those bolts are compatible with your crossbow, you crossbow limbs and installed addons.

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