In the process of creating UPBOLT products we are using variety of materials to produce high quality goods with perfect durability.

In this page you will see what kind of materials we are using in production, so that you can choose your desired material for items where optional materials are available.

Poly Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate Glicol (PCTG)

PCTG offers increased impact strength, temperature resistance and clarity, making it an excellent alternative to PET-G.

In UPBOLT we are using FIBERLOGY produced PCTG material as base printing material for all items that requires high durability and affordable material price (e.g. Siege 8-bolt magazine).

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon (CFR)

CFR is used in engineering sectors for advanced prototypes, drones and final products which require increased durability and reduced weight.

In UPBOLT we are using FIBERLOGY produced PA12 CF15 material as base printing material for items that requires metal-like detail durability (e.g. Siege Bipod adapter) and as optional material for items that could reinforced even more (e.g. Siege 8-bolt magazine).

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

TPU is polyurethane plastic with many good properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion. 

In UPBOLT we are using POLYMAKER produced PolyFlex™ TPU95 material for items that should be prone to abrasion and elastic (e.g. SIEGE / ADDER Anti Jammer pack).

Comparing PCTG and CFR properties

For some UPBOLT products you may choose production material, in such case you will see Material option on product page.

Choosing material for our produced items please consider that CFR items will be much stronger, than PCTG items. However CFR items might be slightly more expensive due to material costs. 

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon (CFR)
Poly Cyclohexylenedimethylene
Terephthalate Glicol (PCTG)