Custom orders

UPBOLT provides custom 3D printing / 3D prototyping services.

If you want to order a affordable volume 3D print or request 3D prototyping, please write us an email at

If you want to get more info about our projects please read here more:


What are we offering?

Printing services
We can offer 3d printing services for bulk orders starting from 6 EUR / hour + material costs*.
Post-processing services
If you need post-processing services those should be quoted separately based on quantity and complexity, based on 25 EUR/hour rate.
Prototyping services 
We can offer 3D modelling, prototyping and reverse engineering services, based on 40 EUR/hour rate.
Fast delivery
If you cannot exactly estimate regular order schedule, we can offer to print your items in advance and keep those in stock for you on demand.

* materials - we provide FDM 3D printing using various materials, including PCTG, PETG, Nylon, PLA/Carbon PLA, as well as elastic materials, like TPU 95.


May we help you?  

We can help you with our 3D printing / 3D prototyping professional nearshore services:

  • if you have production amounts that requires significant amount of plastic items, but you did not reach production amount that lets you use molding forms for mass production of plastic items
  • if you are producing experimental / prototype series of a great product, but you do not know yet how big demand would be, so you are not ready to invest into molding forms yet
  • if you might want our assistance to create detail that fits into your product design or even let us to design something for you from scratch (we use Fusion 360 and Free CAD)

Willing to get a quote faster?

It will be helpful if requesting a quote from us you will provide:

  • Your name
  • Preferred way to contact you (phone, Skype, Slack etc.)

Also if this is 3D printing quote request, please give us details:

Link to the model
Helps us estimate print complexity and duration.
Helps us estimate volume discount and production time.
Material and Color
Helps us to determine material costs and availability.
Delivery address
Helps us estimate delivery costs and delivery time.

If this is 3D prototyping quote request:

Item functional description
Helps us estimate roughly prototyping complexity.
Sketch / Image of detail
Helps us estimate more accurate prototyping complexity.

    After we will receive and review your email, we will contact you to estimate price, delivery costs and production / prototyping time.