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Safety PIN Extender for Cobra Crossbow

Safety PIN Extender for Cobra Crossbow

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Product Description

UPBOLT Safety PIN Extender for Cobra Crossbow will add M4 gun safety pin usage style.
1. Why buy this item?
Cobra Siege is an excellent crossbow, and should be treated as a tactical device. There are lot of auto safety disabling solutions which we cannot agree to reproduce. But this one gives real advantage for those who want to keep safety and same time get safety pin easy handle by thumb.
2. How to install this kit?
Installing is actually to sound word for that, you just need to put a pin all the way into extender and you are done.
3. Is this a reliable solution?
This item does not affect how you use safety pin in general, just makes it possible to operate it with thumb. Still all standard safety procedures must be followed as on non modified Cobra crossbows. 
4. Package content:
1. One side pin or both side pin extender (depending on chosen variant)
Note: we are providing this item only from Nylon.

Precaution measures: 
Our upgrade items are safe and reliable, we have tested those with hundreds of shots. 
However, all standard precaution rules should be followed using this product, including, but not limited to:
1) always check crossbow elements to function properly
2) ensure safe crossbow cocking to not harm yourself and people around
3) before shooting always check that the bolt seats are properly in the right position.
Responsibility disclaimer:
This upgrade kit is provided "as is" and the producer does not take any responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences. By applying this kit to your crossbow you agree to take all risks to yourself, like evaluation of model compatibility, damage for any part of the equipment, surrounding people, and environment. If you do not agree to those terms, please do not buy this product.

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