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UPBOLT Cobra RX / R9 / RX Adder Wall Mount

UPBOLT Cobra RX / R9 / RX Adder Wall Mount

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UPBOLT Cobra RX / R9 / RX Adder Wall Mount to place your crossbow on the wall in the workshop, safe or even your wardrobe (if you local law permits). An easy to install solution with all screws needed in the set. 

See the product demonstration video on the Smart Upgrades YouTube channel: 

1. Why buy this accessory? 
Well made and easy to install solution, can help to organize your crossbow if you have many of them or just to put your Cobra crossbow exactly where you want it to be.
2. How to install this accessory?
It is easy, all screws and fixers included in the set. You can mount to a plasterboard wall, concrete wall or to a wooden wall. You need just basic tools - a screwdriver, drill and drill pin (8mm for concrete, 3mm for wood wall). Installation video:
3. Is this a reliable item?
We designed it to mount firmly with four screws to the wall if installed correctly. Bottom bumper preserves your crossbow and the wall from bumping when you hang a crossbow on the wall.
4. Available materials
Currently we produce it from Poly Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PCTG), this thermoplastic is affordable and still very strong, in contrast to magazines those items comes native and we do not paint those.

Package content:
1. Plastic items to assemble crossbow holder
2. Plastic bottom bumper
3. Screws required to fix on the wall:
    a) Plasterboard wall set - plaster wall anchors and screws
    b) Concrete wall set - concrete wall anchors and screws
    c) Wooden wall set - wooden wall screws only
    d) Any  wall set - plaster wall anchors, concrete wall anchors and screws

* - please note, drill pins and screwdrivers are not included, you should have a "philips" screw driver (with a cross on the end) and drill with 8mm concrete wall drill pin. For wooden wall we recommend to to prepare a hole by 3mm drill pin to preserve wood material from splitting up. 

Please note:
The bolts, Cobra crossbow, and optical aiming devices shown in the illustrations are not part of the package.
Precaution measures:
This item is well made and safe, but you should take care to fix it well on the wall. Prior to hanging a crossbow test that item is fixed well, screws are able to hold the load and item is assembled correctly. After any potentially damaging event (e.g. bumping with something big) please inspect accessory with care to have no structural damges.
Responsibility disclaimer:
This upgrade kit is provided "as is" and the producer does not take any responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences. By using this kit for your crossbow you agree to take all risks to yourself, like evaluation of model compatibility, damage for any part of the equipment, surrounding people, and environment. If you do not agree to those terms, please do not buy this product.
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