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UPBOLT Adder Converter for RX / R9

UPBOLT Adder Converter for RX / R9

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Product Description

UPBOLT Adder Converter for RX / R9 is an affordable path for converting your RX or R9 crossbow into Adder compatible platform, so that Adder designed magazines should fit our crossbow. 
More about this kit see here:
1. Why buy this item?
Cobra RX and R9 are perfect crossbows, but those are single shot. If you want to use magazines designed for Adder, you have two paths available:
  • upgrade it using EK archery Adder upgrade kit to V2 Adder level (set costs ~150 UER)
  • convert into Adder platform by UPBOLT converter kit

See more in product demonstration video:

2. How to apply this kit?
UPBOLT kits and addons are designed for easy and seamless installation. This conversion kit requires minimal experience with cutting thread and filing metal parts.

  • If you buy this upgrade kit, but you have no workshop or DYI experience at all, we would recommend you to review installation instruction. If any of steps looks challenging for you we would recommend to visit nearest workshop and ask the them to help you with installation
  • This product is a customization product, so no return policy applies for this product, this is not and addon or upgrade kit itself (like magazines)
  • By using this product you will !!! discontinue your warranty from EK Archery. We will not take any responsibility for upgrade process outcomes (like, but not limited, failure to cut in a right place, failure to drill in a right place, failure to cut a thread)

See video how to apply this kit:

3. Is this a reliable solution?
We have designed and tested this kit. After conversion it allows to attach Adder standard magazine (!!! requires additional fixation in front and minor  modification for magazine) and fits UPBOLT magazine as is.
Package content:
1. Kit for UPBOLT Magazine
  • 1. Plastic part to assist with drilling and cutting dimensions
  • 2. Drills for priming a hole (2 pieces)
  • 3. Thread cutters (2 pieces)
  • 4. Test screws (metric 5mm and #8-32 UNC)
  • 5. Hexagons (for plastic screw and bow release)

2. Kit for EK Archery Magazine

  • all items from Kit for UPBOLT Magazine
  • Additional frontal parts for magazine fixation

3. Kit + UPBOLT CFR Magazine

!!! Please note, that you will need minimum set of tools to accomplish conversion:
  • Machine Vice or similar
  • Pliers
  • Saw for metal
  • File for metal
  • Electric drill or screw driver
  • Thread tap handle (optional)

Precaution measures: 
This upgrade kit is safe and reliable if applied according to instructions with diligence and care. However, all standard precaution rules should be followed using your crossbow after installation procedure.

!!! Never try to shoot your crossbow if you found any issues during visual inspection and contact as immediately on 
Responsibility disclaimer:
This upgrade kit is provided "as is" and the producer does not take any responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences. By applying this kit to your crossbow you agree to take all risks to yourself, like evaluation of model compatibility, damage for any part of the equipment, surrounding people, and environment.

!!! If you do not agree to those terms, please do not buy this product.

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