Bolt usage instruction for UPBOLT 8-Bolt Magazine

This page provides instructions which bolts should be used for UPBOLT Long bolts magazines and how to properly check bolts before usage.

Stay safe and read this first before using the magazine.

Bolt that you need

1) You should use R-series EK Archery 15'' bolts (long bolts, two vanes):
(V)D-112A-10 PCS Pack → SIZE : 15" / Bolt Weight : 260gr(±5)

2) Also you can use on your own risk any compatible third party bolts if those have identical vanes shape as EK archery vanes.

Note: you can compare vanes shape with Siege stock bolts - R-series bolts and Siege original bolts have same shape.

Important: using third party bolts is acceptable practice with our magazines, but you take responsibility for any risks and outcomes.

3) Finally you can use original 3-vanes Siege bolts, in that case you need to remove all three vanes and glue two vanes back in the right position.

Please note: "3-vanes Siege bolts" are about one centimeter longer than R-series EK archery bolts. So stacking those with R-series bolts you will have different length in front (but those can work together, e.g. you put 3-4 longer bolts at the bottom and R-series on top).

How to check bolts

You must check that bolts moves free in the magazine and (if needed) reposition bolt vanes, please refer to instructions below:

Important: please follow those instruction in any case, either you plan to use EK Archery bolts or third party bolts. Always be sure to check bolt vanes before going to a range.

Where to buy?

We can recommend to buy bolts from our suggested sellers: